Your Fertility Journey Packaged Effectively

Through our BUNDL Fertility Program, we give our patients more financial options than ever before. BUNDL allows aspiring parents to build a package of fertility services at a significantly discounted rate that best suits their family building needs. Bundl Fertility can offer an added layer of financial protection allowing our patients to optimize their budget and minimize financial risk- while they focus on what matters most: creating their family.

Program Highlights

  • Fully Customizable

    Select a package + options for egg donors through MyEggBank® and/or PGT-A genetic testing that match your budget and your lifestyle

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    Budget upfront so that you can focus on yourself during treatment

  • Risk Protection

    100% refund guarantees, regardless of the number of IVF cycles you choose.

For more information about Bundl, contact your clinician.

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Bundl Packages

  • 1+1


    • 1 IUI + 1 retrieval
    • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
    • 36-month contract
    • Success Guard risk protection included†
  • 2

    Retrieval Package

    • 2 retrievals
    • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
    • 36-month contract
    • Bundl Guard option‡
  • 3

    Retrieval Package

    • 3 retrievals
    • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
    • 36-month contract
    • Bundl Guard option‡

Designed for our 1+1 Package, Success Guard refunds 100% of your IVF investment if your IUI treatment is successful.†

Protect your investment by letting Bundl take on more of the risk. For our 2- and 3-Retrieval Packages, Bundl Guard offers the assurance that if you are not successful, you’ll receive 100% of your principal investment back.‡

† Subject to additional terms and conditions.
‡ Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

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To discuss your fertility options and apply for this program, please register for a consultation with one of our fertility specialists here.

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