Male Fertility

A man’s role in conception is considered to be relatively simple and straightforward, but in fact his reproductive physiology is quite complicated. Male factor infertility is defined as an abnormality in sperm production, function or delivery that impedes a couple from establishing a pregnancy.

Michael A. Witt, M.D.

Michael A. Witt, M.D. is a world leader in the male fertility, sexual function and urology. He is our in-house, board certified urologist specializing in the diagnosis and personalized treatment of male factor infertility. Dr. Witt and our team of expert Reproductive Endocrinologists combine the highest level of techniques and services with a compassionate environment to deliver the most advanced male fertility care.

For men who are experiencing infertility or have questions about male factor infertility, sperm retrieval or vasectomy reversals, we encourage you to contact our specialists. Our program is uniquely designed to identify and treat any male fertility issue couples are facing.

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