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The RBA-Prelude Merger: What Does It Mean?

Posted on December 1, 2016

By now many of you have heard that RBA has been acquired by an entity called Prelude, and you may be wondering, what is this all about, and will there still be an RBA? The short answer is “yes”. RBA is and will always be RBA. We will still be caring for those infertile couples who need caring and compassionate treatment. So what is the merger all about?

Prelude is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, who went through his own journey with infertility. His wife, Nina, only 31 years at the time, was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. Mr. Varsavsky came to the realization that many young women not yet ready for motherhood could and should protect their future fertility by considering fertility preservation (egg freezing) during their most fertile years (20s- early -30s). Varsavky’s extensive research led him to My Egg Bank, North America, which was created by RBA.

Prelude was created in an effort to make fertility preservation more available and more affordable for young women, utilizing all the cutting edge technology that now exists in the field of gamete (eggs and sperm) cryopreservation and preimplantation genetic testing of embryos. This vision is a paradigm change that made tremendous sense to all of us at RBA, and ultimately led to the Prelude-RBA merger.

So what does this mean going forward? Again, RBA will continue to do what we have always done, and that’s to take the best possible care of our infertile couples each and every day. The merger with Prelude will now allow us to also expand our efforts to educate the public about the importance of preserving fertility in young women (and men) in the hopes that, when they areready to start their families, they will have greater opportunity to do so without having to go through the difficulties so many of you reading this blog have had to endure.

What will the future bring as we embark on this new journey? Watch and you will see how RBA continues to follow its mission of promoting and providing cutting edge technology while still caring for our patients with kindness and compassion.

Andrew A. Toledo, MD
CEO, Reproductive Biology Associates

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