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My Egg Bank -over 2500 live births to date.

Posted on August 1, 2016

MyEggBank is now in its 6th year of formal operation with over five thousand cases completed since its beginning. The bank has evolved from being an offshoot of Reproductive Biology Associates to becoming a national network of egg production centers and recipient treatment centers. At its inception the bank and the centers in the network set out to increase access to egg donation services while simultaneously reducing the cost relative to fresh cycles. The ability to freeze eggs by vitrification and then subsequently achieve cumulative pregnancy rates equivalent to fresh cycles makes MyEggBank an excellent choice for most patients.

The profile of a recipient coming to a MyEggBank center is 43 years old with infertility related primarily to diminished ovarian reserve. Though some patients and couples have problems with sperm quality and/or uterine receptivity, their infertility is related to a lack of normal eggs. The egg bank solves this problem by providing eggs donated by women 21 to 31 years of age who have undergone extensive medical and genetic screening before they can donate.

Before the bank was founded, RBA had used vitrified eggs for egg donation for about 5 years. The first cases were performed in 2006 and resulted in an 83% cumulative success rate. We used the early successes as a model for continued treatment as the bank expanded and now 10 years after the first cases at RBA, cumulative success rates per patient continue to be about 80 to 85%. The bank has been tracking outcomes through an on-line data base since the end of 2014 and current estimates are that the banking network is responsible for well over 2500 live births. The total number of patients seeking treatment from the bank is about 3700 since 2012 and with current rates of growth we hope to be responsible for about 5000 cycles of egg donation per year by 2020.

The bank has grown steadily since the founding of the network and we expect growth to continue in the years to come. We have learned a lot from our patients and as the bank grew we adapted to our patients’ needs by offering guarantees on egg survival and embryology. We regularly review outcomes for our centers and are happy to review individual cases when outcomes are less than expected. It has always been our mission to provide a safe and seamless donation experience for the donors and an equally safe and successful experience for our recipients.

Daniel B. Shapiro, M.D.

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