Genetic & Fertility Testing

Genetic Testing

Our patients have access to in-house genetic counseling designed to help educate patients about their genetic risks and assist them in making informed decisions about what genetic screening may or may not be indicated for them. RBA offers comprehensive preconception genetic services including PGT, PGD, and PGS, as part of our fertility care. We provide genetic testing for PGT, PGD & PGS.

Evaluation & Fertility Testing

Getting pregnant isn’t always straightforward and fertility testing is often a critical step. Comprehensive fertility testing is available to determine which treatment – be it IVF, IUI, artificial insemination, surrogacy, egg donation, etc. – will be most effective in overcoming barriers between your family planning goals. RBA offers a dedicated, compassionate team of individual doctors and specialists who want to help you identify and overcome any barriers that exist between you and getting pregnant.

  • For females, a fertility test generally includes anatomical testing, ovulation testing and blood tests. For males, infertility levels can be identified through semen analysis and blood testing for blood testosterone, FSH, LH and prolactin.

  • It’s a good idea to see a fertility specialist if you have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for one year or more, or as soon as six months into trying if the female partner is over 35. Your chances of becoming pregnant go up when you consult with an RBA fertility specialist to determine whether testing and treatment – and which types – are right for your circumstances.